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Notum Robotics d.o.o.

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of AI and Automation

Notum specializes in cutting-edge custom AI applications, autonomy and terrestrial / aerial / marine robotics.

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Commercial Services

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Artificial intelligence

Tailor made GenAI (LLM) software and hardware (turnkey) solutions for audiovisual processing and generation. Custom ML applications based on Notum's groundbreaking Temporal ANN

Robotics and Automation

Custom robotics solutions for process automation, search and rescue, security and scientific research

Software development

Development of highly compliant custom applications (desktop, mobile, web) as well as embeded programming for a plethora of SOCs, MCs and FPGAs

3D Scanning

Large scale and small scale 3D scanning using Lidar, nm Radar and photogrammetry. Structural analysis and object reconstruction. VR/AR photo-real visualizations

Notum LoRa Mesh

Proprietary low-energy long-range IoT network. Notum LoRa is a self meshing, self healing and robust edge connectivity solution

Areal Imaging

Drone-powered filming for cinematic and scientific purposes. Rooftop inspections, agricultural analysis and custom highly accurate mapping

Innovative solutions


Notum Robotics' cutting-edge software solutions are at the core of the capabilities of this robotic dog platform. Notum is transforming complex machinery into versatile tools that excel in novel environments and tasks (using zero-shot self learning). Our proprietary software imbues this robotic canine with unparalleled autonomy with minimal human oversight and maintenance.

Notum's modular sensor array and custom edge-processed AI models allow for precise navigation and low-latency processing that is critical in overcoming the unpredictable terrains of disaster zones. Notum's software, enables robots to make near real-time decisions, adapting to unseen challenges as they arise.

Our dedication to advancing these technologies highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotics, offering smarter, safer, responsible and more efficient solutions for today's complex challenges.

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